Who Are We?

Hi there and thanks for visiting our site! I'm Minxie the Cat, the resident mascot and namesake behind Minx Manx Designs! My hooman, Celeste, has kindly typed this up for me as I don't have opposable thumbs though I made sure she typed it word for word!

So how did the name, Minx Manx Designs, come about? Well, unfortunately, a few years ago, I lost my tail after an accident. I was very lucky it was only my tail! The funny thing is, the breed of cat born without a tail is called a Manx. My hooman gave me the nickname Minx Manx, which is no surprise, as she’s always giving me new nicknames - sometimes I wonder what my name actually is!

When she was starting to think about a catchy business name, this one came up, and voila - here we are! The logo itself is a cute stylised design that captures my gorgeous big green eyes and of course no tail! We both think it’s pretty cool and hope you do too! 😊

You can see a pic of me with my hooman in the photo to the right. This was just after I had my tail removed - ouch! It took me a while to get my balance back, but now I don't even notice.

Even though my hooman creates all the gorgeous pieces, posts all the orders, looks after our site and social media and general running of the business, we all know that I’m the star - just look at the name of the business! I do love her though and she does work hard. If you haven’t already, please have a look through our site - she spent a lot of time building it! We’re always adding new things so keep checking back or join our mailing list! I’ve even generously decided that you’ll get 15% off your first order! Pretty cool huh!

Lots of love
Minxie (& Celeste) xx